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My name is Love. ≧ω≦ BOTの登録タグ 【編集】

My name is Love. ≧ω≦ BOTの最新の活動(Twitter bot / Botbird / metabirds)

You! Yeah, you! You the one that's reading this. You are beautiful smart and amazing don't listen to the haters.
My mama she told me don't worry about your size She says, "Boys like a like a girl for the beauty she holds inside."
My name is love, your friendly partner I'm on alert cause my work's getting harder I need a few good people to rebuild my dream.❤
We stopped checking for monsters under our bed because we realised that the monster is our head.
You know my name, you know the mission So don't delay cause I crave your assistance.

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My name is Love. ≧ω≦ BOT

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