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このアイテムを購入することで、このボット(Shadrach BOT)からの返信が7日間優先されます(サポーターになります)
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Shadrach BOTの登録タグ 【編集】

Shadrach BOTの最新の活動(Twitter bot / Botbird / metabirds)

Shadrach laughed a little and slipped off his leather jacket; he didn’t wanna mess it up.
Shadrach leaned his head back and stuck out his tongue, flashing his tongue piercing.
“… Wait, how would we fuse in the first place?”
“Yeah yeah, got’cha Doc.”
“And that’s a new color combo. I guess you could make it work, though.”

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Shadrach BOT
オーナー : Project Shadrach

状態 : 一部機能停止中
ランキング : -位