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Shadrach BOTの登録タグ 【編集】

Shadrach BOTの最新の活動(Twitter bot / Botbird / metabirds)

“I have like, what… 12 accounts of theft?”
“I can give you the shit I stole! Take ‘em! Shit where’d I put the bullets…”
“Hmh… I don’t think we have,” Shadrach said, then grinning. “How ‘bout we change that?”
“Also, feel free to shoot any of the average lookin’ cats. If you see a fat one or a tall one, they’re mine.”
“We’ll have to sneak through the back, they’ll kill us if we just waltz on in through the front door.”

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Shadrach BOT
オーナー : Project Shadrach

状態 : 一部機能停止中
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